The Capital of Colorado, Denver, is a mile high city

The Capital of Colorado, Denver, is a mile high city

The Capital of Colorado, Denver, is a mile high city which means it is one mile high from the sea level according to official elevation. A beautiful city with great attractions and with upscale living life style, this city is ranked as Beta-World city. Denver has a lot of attractions like museums, arts, music, movies, fun, sports, shopping, entertainment, food etc. in every field Denver is special that is why Denver is attractive for visitors and also ranked as the best city to live in United States. People living in apartments in denver Colorado are enjoying their upscale lives with satisfaction of the lifestyle within the city. Some of the places which are must visit places for the visitors are described below with some features. Hope these places will make you visit again and again after reading about them.

Museum of Nature and Science:
If you are loving science and nature whether it is wild life or it is human life, this is the best place with demonstration and entertainment. This museum is actually not a museum but this place can bring a whole idea of science and nature in movie style like 3D movies. Their vision is also to make people love science and protect wild life.
Denver Art Museum:
Denver Art museum is a 2 building museum that represents Western and regional arts. This museum contains the largest collection of Native American art work including European Masters’ art works.

Clyfford Still Museum:
This museum is made in the name of Clyfford Still who was very famous and most important painter of the 20th century. He was an originator of the Abstract Expressionism movement and this museum was made to promote the legacy and art work the Clyfford. This museum contains 3000 art work pieces.

United States Mint:
This place is known due to the coin production, a must visit place for people and special tours are arranged for free demonstration of 45 minutes that how coins are produced daily for American public. Special and noticeable thing is that if you look closely to the coin, there is a small D carved on each coin which means it is from Denver.

Union Station:
Union Station is the old railway terminal which is now restored in to the transportation, dining, shopping, entertainment and hotel area. This station is a renowned 100 years historic landmark in the downtown of Denver and it has an array of top bars and restaurants of Denver, a beautiful place to visit.

Denver Zoo:
Zoo is the place where every human being has an attraction since childhood where you can see different animals and birds at one place easily and closely. You can make selfies, feed the animals and play with them with fun. Denver zoo contains 4000 animals along with 650 species making it top cultural attraction in Colorado State.

These are few attractions of the Denver that people used to visit and these places made Denver an excellent city to live.