Four Top Restaurants In Shawnee Kansas That You Would Enjoy

It is time again to take a look at some of the top restaurants in Shawnee, Kansas. We’ve been to several already, but there are plenty more. You want restaurants that give you what you crave while on vacation, so let’s get to looking at what some of these restaurants offer. Shawnee, Kansas does have quite a few good restaurants for sure, and the first one we are going to visit is Twisted Fresh on West 66th Street.

Twisted Fresh serves up tacos, Greek gyros, wraps and more. Reviewers also talk about a great German potato salad. Reviewers echo the sentiment of the fresh food in the name of the restaurant, and that is one big reason why this establishment sounds like such a great place to visit. If you want a recommendation for what to eat, the fish tacos are mentioned time and time again.

OSP Shawnee on Roger Drive is also a popular establishment. It is known for pizza, salads, burgers and a menu item called the meat locker. This is a little hole in the wall type of restaurant. If you find yourself on vacation and in a hurry, reviews say the service is fast. That means you can always grab a quick lunch or dinner.

Doesn’t Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant sound like a nice place to be? If I were on vacation, I would want to be at a place with a name like that at some point, let me tell you. Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant is located on West 63rd Street, and simply put, it is your stop for burgers and fries. Okay, we have been to three top restaurants in Shawnee this round, and it is time to hit one more.

Pine and Bamboo Garden can be found on Shawnee Mission Parkway. Get your sesame chicken, hot and sour soup, crab rangoon and more. Yes this is delicious Chinese takeout for your vacation, but it is also said that this place has a nice restaurant atmosphere. That’s what you want if you are going to be eating inside.

Alright, there you have it folks. It is time to pick one of these top four restaurants in Shawnee and grab some great food to eat. You shouldn’t have any problem finding out what you want to enjoy from the menus at these establishments. Have a great meal, and get yourself in the mood for more and more.